Athlete Protocol Testing

The greatest scientists alive can create impressive products (we’ve personally seen them do it), but if they’ve never lifted a weight, spent hours running suicides on the court or knew what complete muscle failure feels like, the real-world application of those products would have no meaning. At MusclePharm®, we have made a commitment to make science and sport equal parts of the equation. Our doctors and researchers formulate the products, and our professional athletes and trainers give them real-world feedback that is used to perfect them. By carefully studying and analyzing how the products affect our athletes in real-world workouts, we are able to create formulations that would never be achieved through science alone.

At the world-renowned MP® Sports Science Center, our state-of-the-art 35,000 square-foot training and performance facility in Colorado, preliminary formulations of new products are tested on elite professional athletes from around the world. Product samples developed at the MP® Sports Science Center are also given to athletes and strength coaches in the NFL, MMA, MLB, and other organizations for further analysis and feedback.

MusclePharm® is the first sports nutrition company to use the field as its lab, truly combining science with athletics. Our MP® Sports Science Center is the only professional facility in the world to use the Omega Wave, DEXA, and Keiser performance equipment to gather cutting-edge feedback about our formulations. As an athlete, you want to know exactly how products and exercise are affecting your body. Science can tell you one thing, based on threshold and performance tests, but these machines are the only ones in the world that let us actually see how your body breaks down nutrients, where you stress levels are, exactly how the products effect your recovery and where you adaption levels are. This allows us to produce better products and more powerful athletes.

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