Dr. Eric Serrano, MD

Chief Medical Director & Formulator
Responsibilities : Dr. Eric Serrano has been practicing medicine for over 12 years and is the leading sports nutrition doctor in the country. With his expertise in blood analysis, sports nutrition and injury prevention, he helps us give athletes the edge. Before joining MusclePharm, Dr. Serrano has formulated supplements for some of the leading nutritional companies on the market. When he’s not working with us, Dr. Serrano curretly lectures across the country to universities, medical groups and health & fitness conferences—especially on the subject of sports nutrition.
MP teammate since : 2010
Area of Expertise : Chief Formulator and Chief Medical Director
Education : Professor of the Year, Ohio State University – Preceptor of the Year, Ohio State University- Kansas State University, B.S. Biology – Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic, Medical Advisor – American College of Sports Medicine – Ohio State Medical Association – American Medical Association – Kansas Medical Society – Contributing Editor to numerous sports nutrition books, magazines and articles
Athletic Background : Powerlifting National Champion, 181-pound class. Dr. Serrano has also been a contributing writer for some of the leading health and fitness magazines including Muscle & Fitness. He has worked with thousands of athletes from around the world and top professional and collegiate athletes from over 75 different teams.

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