Michael Kim D.O

Executive Director of Sports Science & Research
Responsibilities : Dr. Kim is the Executive Director of Medicine and Research. He oversees Research Institute operations at the MusclePharm Sports Science Center in Denver, Colorado. He analyzes formulations, research protocols, strength and performance protocols, and is constantly advancing MusclePharms sports nutrition foundation. His input assists in keeping products safe for our consumers and patients. He also advises MP® athletes in nutrition, diet, and supplementation.
MP® teammate since : 2011
Area of Expertise : Anesthesia, Sports Nutrition, Intensive Care Nutrition, Pain Management, Sports Recovery and Rehabilitation, Strength and Performance Training, Sports Manipulation.
Education : BA in Economics from UC Davis, Doctor of Osteopathy from Touro University.
Athletic Background : Dr. Kim continues to strive for athletic and sports performance excellence. He works with some of the top strength coaches in the world to advance the athletes and weekend warriors to the next level. He continues to help athletes in the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, UFC, IFBB, etc. His joy of sports stems from his beginnings in high school football and baseball. He continues to assist youth athletes to pursue excellence in sports, nutrition, and in the classroom.

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