Medical Team

Dr. Eric Serrano, MD

Chief Medical Director & Formulator
Dr. Eric Serrano has been practicing medicine for over 12 years and is the leading sports nutrition doctor in the country. He has worked with thousands of athletes from around the world and top professional and collegiate athletes from over 75 different teams. Dr. Serrano has also formulated numerous nutritional supplements for some of the leading nutritional companies on the market. He has been a contributing writer for some of the leading health and fitness magazines including Muscle & Fitness. Dr. Serrano currently lectures across the country to universities, medical groups and health & fitness conferences on the topics of sports nutrition, performance enhancement and injury prevention. Dr. Serrano's expertise in blood analysis, sports nutrition and injury prevention gives athletes the advantage over the competition.

– Professor of the Year, Ohio State University – Preceptor of the Year, Ohio State University- Kansas State University, B.S. Biology – Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic, Medical Advisor – American College of Sports Medicine – Ohio State Medical Association – American Medical Association – Kansas Medical Society – Contributing Editor to numerous sports nutrition books, magazines and articles – Powerlifting National Champion, 181 pound class

Mauro Di Pasquale, M.D.

Director of Product Development and Research
Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale brings five decades of personal, clinical and university teaching and learning, combined with leadership gained from Medical Directorships of important sports organizations and on top of all that, Dr. Di Pasquale is an International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) World champion, World Games champion, Pan American, North American, and an eight-time Canadian Powerlifting champion. Prior to dedicating himself to the sport of Powerlifting, he was an accomplished wrestler and gymnast at the University of Toronto competing at the college level.

As a world-class athlete himself, and with decades of experience helping elite athletes achieve their performance and body composition goals, the doctor knows what we put ourselves through pursuing excellence. As Medical Director of the World Wrestling Federation and World Bodybuilding Federation, he focused on issues on ways to improve performance and body composition, especially by maximizing diet and the use of targeted nutritional supplementation. Dr. Di Pasquale has written over a dozen books on athletic performance, focusing mainly on diet and supplementation, most notably his books, The Anabolic Diet, and The Metabolic Diet.

He has, or has had many accomplishments, memberships and affiliations, including the following:

  • Honors B.Sc. (majoring in genetics and molecular biochemistry), and M.D., both from The University of Toronto
  • Assistant Professor, the University of Toronto
  • Certified Medical Review Officer, Medical Review Officer Certification Council
  • Master of Fitness Sciences (MFS), International Sports Sciences Association
  • Member, American College of Sports Medicine
  • Medical Director, World Wrestling Federation, World Bodybuilding Federation
  • Medical Review Officer for NASCAR
  • President of the Pan-American Powerlifting Federation, International Powerlifting Federation Vice President for North America, and President of the World Powerlifting Federation
  • Published more than 2000 articles in magazines like Muscle and Fitness, Flex and Powerlifting USA
  • Author of The Anabolic Diet and The Metabolic Diet
  • First Canadian Powerlifter to total 10 times bodyweight in any class and the only Canadian Powerlifter to total 10 times bodyweight in two classes

Roscoe M. Moore, Jr., D.V.M., PH.D., D.SC.

Chief Scientific Director
A Former US Assistant Surgeon General Director of the FDA. Dr. Moore has vast experience within the U.S. Public Health Service, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Office of U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Moore trained as an Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) Officer with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and was a Senior Epidemiologist with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health of the CDC. His career also includes service as the Chief Epidemiologist with the FDA's Center for Devices and Radiological Health. Moore serves on numerous Boards of Directors, including the Maryland Health Care Commission, the George Washington University Africa Center for Health and Human Security, Greater Silver Spring Chamber of Commerce, the National Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorale of Montgomery County, and Montgomery General Hospital.

Ron Sekura B.S., M.S., PHD.

Director of Therapeutic Research
Dr. Sekura is the former Chief of the Pharmaceutical and Regulatory Affairs Branch of the Division of AIDS at The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) of the National Institute of Health (NIH) as well as a former Research Chemist atThe National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) at the NIH and the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER), and FDA. He received his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Biochemistry degrees at Pennsylvania State University and his PhD at Cornell University. Dr. Sekura is the author of over sixty scientific publications.

Mariel Selbovitz, MPH.

Director of Global Therapeutics Product Procurement Development
Top ranking researcher on HIV and published several times this year at DART, APHA, the World AIDS Con- ference Ms. Selbovitz is a graduate of Cornell Univer- sity and received her Master's in Public Health at the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Health. Selbovitz is a member of the Cornell AIDS ClinicalTrials Group Community Advisory Board and AIDS Treatment Advocacy Coalition.

Michael R. Stevens, PHD.

Director of Therapeutic Nutrition.
Dr. Stevens was formerly an executive at Bristol- Myers Squibb for 17 years where he held positions of increasing responsibility in the areas of Market Research (Oncology and HIV), Marketing (Oncology), and Medical Affairs (HIV).

As Vice President, Immunology Medical Affairs, he oversaw the operation's Medical Information Servic- es, Medical Science Associates, Clinical Intelligence, and Phase IV clinical trials in HIV/AIDS and participated in the franchise's strategy, portfolio planning and policy development.

Dr. Stevens has served as a member of the Executive Council for the Forum for Collaborative HIV Research — a public-private partnership facilitating discussion on emerging issues in HIV clinical research and working to translate research results into patient care. He has also served on 15 Protocol Committees within the Adult AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG). Michael received his BS Pharmacy and Doctor of Pharmacy degrees from Purdue University.

James Sapirstein, PHD.

Strategic Advisor
Former Executive at Bristol-Myers Squibb where he served as the head of the its International HIV business as well working in their Infectious Disease marketing teams. He launched several products at BMS including Videx EC®, Zerit®,Tequin®, Maxipime® and Cefzil®.

Patrica Ware

Medical Advisory Board
Ware is a decorated and highly-recognized figure in HIV/AIDS research, serving as Executive Director of the U.S. Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS. Ware was appointed by President George W. Bush to her Executive Director position which placed her on a prominent level of influence with national and world leaders. Ware also serves in an advisory capacity to several government and commu- nity agencies regarding HIV/AIDS prevention.

Dr. Ogden

Medical Advisor
Dr. Odgen's career in clinical researc
h and development spans nearly forty years. After earning a Ph.D. from Cambridge University, his career started with postdoctoral research studying RNA transcription and processing. Following that, he undertook independent research, funded by the National Science Foundation. In 1984, he joined Agouron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. as one of its founding scientists. Following Agouron's merger with Pfizer, he served as a Senior Director and was the scientific liaison for the Agouron/Pfizer commercial