The Top 20 Reasons: You Know You're 'Hardcore'

HARDCORE – Pronunciation: [hahrd-kawr, -kohr] –adjective Definition: unswervingly committed; uncompromising; dedicated: a hard-core segregationist.

The Top 20 Reasons

  • 20. You’ve ever put chalk on anything in the gym
  • 19. You take Ibuprofen before you train, while you train and after you train
  • 18. Nobody else in the gym has access to weights on your leg days
  • 17. You’ve experienced projectile vomiting after a set of squats
  • 16. You’ve experienced projectile vomiting during a set of squats
  • 15. You diet for the Arnold Classic, the Olympia and the WBFF Worlds even though you’re not competing
  • 14. You voted for Arnold but know nothing about politics
  • 13. Your dream vacation is Venice Beach, California
  • 12. You’ve referred to Jay Cutler as “fat”, “out of shape” or “small”
  • 11. You consider cardio as a “brisk walk to the fridge”
  • 10. You eat out of tupperware more frequently than tableware
  • 09. You don’t own tableware
  • 08. You’re on your second “Magic Bullet” blender
  • 07. You know how many grams of protein are in every animal
  • 06. At any given time you’ve hit ALL of the compulsory poses in public
  • 05. You’ve waited in the parking lot for the gym to open
  • 04. Gym staff have asked you to keep the “screaming to a minimum” as you’re scaring other members
  • 03. You’ve ever wrapped a tape measure around your forearms and calves
  • 02. You’re 260 lbs. at 4% body fat and feel you can be “a little bigger”
  • 01. You compete with the WBFF

Daryl Gazey – WBFF Director of Operations, Editor Fit & Firm Magazine

— Reprinted with Permission