What Women Want: The Three W's That Will Make Or Break You In The Sack

Mindy Karuk – WBFF Diva Fitness Model

Harsh? Perhaps, but all of the chemistry can flop if you can't blend well between the sheets. How you listen and tune into what each other need in bed will make all the difference in the world! Communication is key! If you've been flirting it up for awhile or have been on a handful of dates by now…you should have an idea of what kind of person they are when the lights go down (or stay on!). Pay attention to hints or details they may bring up in conversation, the slip of a sexual connotation could easily give you a peak into their ideal sex romp! But for a now, pay attention to this….

We all know by now foreplay is important to women, who wants to be laid down for two minutes be given some lip service and then get at ’er? Not too many out there I have to say!! Once again pay attention to detail take things slow and sensual, enjoy every sense that is stimulated at that moment! Touch, sight, sound! But ladies guess what? Guys love a little attention too!! Don't get right into it off the hop and get into position, not all guys are wham bam thank you Ma'am's!! GUYS NEED ATTENTION TOO! Keep that in mind the next time you reach for his zipper!

Now some like it soft and sweet and some like it rough! Err on the side of caution if your mate isn't into the rough and you might be….listen to moans and the like, it speaks SO much louder than words when your trying to decipher what's hot and what's not! DO NOT shove tongues down throats!! Just thought I'd get that out there!! Not everyone loves a Gene Simmons-esque tongue checking out the tonsils!! Kissing is a huge part, once again be gentle off the start and read how the other person is kissing back…that's your "tell", you will know whether or not to advance further.

For those that like it rough, everyone has their own limits and what they consider rough. Hair pulling, ass smacking and whips aside…know what they are comfortable with. Communication is KEY once again!! Don't be afraid to ask what they deem as rough and fun or painful and disrespectful. Some guys like a nice soft smack on the cheek others do NOT. Don't assume what's good for one is good for all! Different strokes for different folks!! Things like ass smacking CAN get sore after awhile, remember to change things up or at least have at it on the other cheek to give the other side a rest!

Speaking of changing things up, porn and threesomes can potentially heat things up or stir the pot. If this is something that you want to try, handle it with care and sensitivity, joking about it can test the waters and will gauge a response. Some women are down with watching porn with their guy and on the other spectrum some place it in the same box as cheating. This is potential to get you in the doghouse for a long time if not checked with properly.

With threesomes, if you get the green light on this one, make sure to give primary attention to your partner!!! This can be dangerous waters if the relationship doesn't have a solid foundation of respect and trust. Jealousy, resentment and feelings of inadequacy could come about on either end. Tread lightly and with respect! If all ends are covered it could be a fun experience for both! Your partner's feelings should be number one and if you are given a NO be warned if you further pursue, you could be back on the meat market fast!

Great sex can make or break a relationship, remember to always pay attention to details and don't just be the "receiver" in the relationship. It has to go both ways!! Girls and guys can be lazy on this part and it happens….make a conscious effort to reverse that if it's a problem. The other person still refusing? Maybe it's time to reevaluate? Sex should be enjoyed by both and left feeling on cloud nine! So this is the part where I am socially responsible to tell you to wrap it up and to always enjoy safe sex 😉

— Reprinted With Permission