Product Overview



Our Products

Our product portfolio consists of two categories, Sports Nutrition and Functional Energy Beverages, and targets a variety of fitness enthusiasts and professionals, as well as individuals who lead an active lifestyle.

Sports Nutrition

  • Sport Series. In order to cover the needs of athletes, we introduced our scientifically-advanced, performance-driven Sports Series category. These award-winning, independently-tested products help fuel athletes safely by increasing strength, energy, endurance, recovery and overall athletic performance. It features our Combat Protein Powder, a top selling five-protein blend on the market.
  • Essentials Series. To meet the day-in and day-out demands of fitness and sport, the Essentials Series (formerly known as the Core Series) line of supplements exists for athletes to take daily. These products include daily staples for a healthy body, such as BCAA, Creatine, Glutamine, Carnitine, CLA, Fish Oil, a Multi-Vitamin and more.
  • FitMiss. Designed and formulated specifically for the female body, FitMiss sports nutrition products are complementary to any active female's diet. In seeking a stronger, more balanced foundation, FitMiss ingredients support women in areas of weight management, lean muscle mass, body composition and general health and wellness. Currently, FitMiss protein powder is available in three flavors.
  • On-the-Go. As more and more consumers are seeking healthier and convenient snacking options, retailers across multiple channels are capitalizing on this emerging trend by aggressively expanding their better-for-you assortments. Our On-the-Go portfolio of ready to eat products includes our award-winning Combat Crunch Protein Bars, currently available in four flavors.

Functional Energy Beverages

  • Combat Energy. In order to tap into the ever-growing functional beverage market, we recently launched our Combat energy drink line. Unlike traditional energy drinks, Combat Energy has zero sugar and zero calories and features the functional benefits of 300mg of caffeine and 600mg of BCAA aminos. Our Combat Energy line is available in three flavors: Green Apple, Grapefruit Lime and Black Cherry.
  • FitMiss Energy. Based on the feedback we received from female consumers, we developed and meticulously formulated FitMiss Energy. This recently launched product features 200 milligrams of caffeine per can, zero calories, zero sugar, MusclePharm's proprietary BCAA blend and no artificial colors or flavors. Currently, we sell this functional energy beverage in the following three flavors: Pineapple Coconut, Mango Sunshine and Watermelon Waterfall.