Informed Protein & Informed Choice:
Setting MusclePharm Apart with
Quality & Transparency in Sports Nutrition Supplements

MusclePharm is proud to announce our protein supplements are now certified as Informed Protein by LGC Science. This new certification highlights our commitment to transparency and product quality, setting us apart from competitors, as not many (if any) brands test their protein powders for illegal substances. Additionally, our products continue to be certified by Informed Choice. To help you understand the significance of Informed Protein and Informed Choice, we've created this dedicated page on our website.

Informed Protein:

Protein supplements, including protein powders and ready-to-drink beverages, have gained popularity among athletes, bodybuilders, and general consumers alike. With a variety of protein sources available, such as animal-based (whey, casein, egg) and plant-based (soy, pea) options, it's essential for consumers to trust the protein content declared on the products.

Although the FDA requires that nutrient values be declared on the Nutrition Facts label of dietary supplements, it doesn't dictate how companies determine this information. Companies can either rely on laboratory testing or use product formulations and database software to estimate theoretical nutrient values.

In a survey of 61 protein products from 35 different brands, encompassing various protein sources and targeting different consumer segments, 16 products were found to have protein content less than 98% of the claim on the Nutrition Facts label. The discrepancies were observed across four protein sources (whey, soy, pea, and egg) and eleven different supplement brands.

This survey underscores the potential risks consumers and athletes face when purchasing and consuming protein-based supplements. It highlights the importance of reliable, third-party verification programs like Informed Protein to ensure the accuracy of protein content in supplement products.

Informed Protein certification aims to provide added assurance to athletes, individuals with specific dietary requirements, and general consumers who rely on protein-based nutritional supplements as part of their diet. This certification helps minimize the risk of inaccurate protein content declarations and ensures that users can trust the Nutrition Facts label on MusclePharm products.

Informed Choice:

Informed Choice, established in 2007, is a global quality assurance program designed to minimize the risk of impurities and banned substances entering supplement products. Products that carry the Informed Choice logo or on-pack descriptor have undergone rigorous checks and tests, giving users confidence in their supplement choices.

Informed Choice post-certification testing involves monthly blind sampling, where products are purchased from retail outlets and tested. At least one batch/lot of the product is tested every month. Testing includes over 250+ prohibited substances in sport, with the list expanding when new threats are discovered.

Raising the Bar: MusclePharm Leads the Way in Quality and Transparency for the Supplement Industry

MusclePharm's dedication to quality and transparency, as evidenced by our Informed Protein and Informed Choice certifications, not only sets a higher standard for our own products but also encourages consumers to expect the same from other brands in the industry. By choosing MusclePharm, you are investing in a brand that genuinely cares about your health and wellbeing. We urge you to not only trust our products but also to challenge other supplement brands to follow our lead, ensuring that the entire industry raises the bar on quality, safety, and transparency. Together, we can create a better, more reliable supplement market for everyone.