Athlete: Hannah Cormier

Hannah Cormier
Lake Charles, California
Louisiana State University

Instagram: @hannahcormier 

Current Role / Job Titles:
• LA Clippers In-Arena Host
• Group Fitness Instructor 

Career Highlights / Accomplishments:
• LA Clippers In Arena Host
• New Orleans Saints Cheerleader
• Los Angeles 
Clippers Dancer
• Nike Trainer
• FabFitFun Trainer 
• LACDS on E!


Making people laugh. I love to travel and documenting the chaos that comes along with it. Check out my IG highlights for the latest Travel Chronicle for guaranteed entertainment ;) 

What sports and/or training?

Where did you play, train or compete?
"NFL and NBA."

How did you play, train or compete?
"I began competitive dancing at a young age and continued to fall in love with the sport throughout my adolescent years. After 15 years of rigorous training and dedication, I began my professional dance career with the NFL in 2012 later transitioning to the west coast and NBA in 2015."

Why did you play, train or compete?
"Ive always loved to entertain large crowds through performance and dance was a great way for me to stay active and healthy while doing so. I spent 6 years dancing within the sports entertainment industry and recently accepted my dream job as the In-Arena Host for the LA Clippers. Although Im no longer dancing professionally, I still make it a priority to be in my best shape. Gotta have the bis and tri’s looking toned while holding my mic!" 

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
"Somedays you can find me hiking and grinding in the gym and somedays Ill veg out on the couch with ice cream, chips, and Netflix. Its all about balance :)  I love cooking...but eating even more which means more time training at MP HQ (a win-win for me)."