Athlete: Omar Bolden

Omar Bolden
Ontario, CA
Arizona State University

Instagram: @omar.bolden

Current Role / Job Titles:
Entrepreneur / Actor

Career Highlights / Accomplishments:
• NFL Super Bowl Champion
• Actor in a TV Series
• Owner of a Business


Good morning inspirational messages daily to my followers, creating content that can help people, and cooking up a storm

What sports and/or training? 
"NFL, Functional Movement and Professional Athlete Training."

Where did you play, train or compete?
"In the NFL for the Denver Broncos."

How did you play, train or compete?
"I began playing football as a kid, with the first time ever touching the ball, returning it for a touchdown. I continued to fall in love with the sport and dominate the field from a young age, always the fastest player on the field. From dominating at Arizona State, I was drafted in the 4th round to the Denver Broncos, as a corner. I began my professional career in 2012 and went to the Super Bowl with Denver twice in my career, ending my career with a Super-Bowl win in 2016, becoming a Super-Bowl 50 champ. From there, I took my athletic ability and skills and ventured into the entrepreneurial space becoming a professional athlete trainer, developing my own nutrition and home workout plans available online, launching my own fitness line apparel, and dipping into the acting world with my tv serious on Zeus called “The Ultimate Fitness Challenge” with Candice and Omar.

Why did you play, train or compete?
"I love to be the best at everything I do. I feel like it motivates and inspires everyone around me and ultimately I feel my purpose is to motivate others to be the best they can be at whatever they do. To do that, I have to lead by example. I feel like I can reach and connect with more people through positivity and inspiration and that is why I feel like living a life of positivity is so important. Hence, my slogan “Positive Living”. 

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? 
"I like cooking, learning, doing new things and taking care of my body through recovery. I think the recovery is just as important as the work. I like to play the guitar. I enjoy hiking, and traveling a lot too. I enjoy helping others and volunteering with our youth. I feel like in my position, I have the ability to help them and that’s a gift I need to use. I also love training at the MusclePharm HQ and getting my own workout in."