Athlete: Peter Pisani

Peter Pisani
Las Vegas, Nevada
Chapman University
HS: Bishop Gorman High School

Instagram: @pistoledpete

Current Role / Job Titles:
• Director of Athletic Education for F45 Training Global
• Studio Director: F45 Training West Hollywood & Venice 

At what age did you begin competing? 
"Fell out of the womb with a chip on my shoulder. j/k - love this question, but to answer truthfully, I never understood the concept of "competing" until it was said to me in high school. I just thought I was a boy being a boy. Playing every sport known to man - having fun and loving the concept of collecting a "W". I played every team sport out there as a kid - basketball, football,. baseball, soccer, volleyball... you name it. If it involved a ball, teammates, fun and platform for me to express my talent - I played it! I never saw competing as an act of challenging another human or an effort to just win. I was having too much fun expressing my talents and working to better myself - the wins just came naturally." 

What sports and/or training? 
"See above - but I fell in love with basketball at a young age. I would spend hours pretending to be some of the greats in my driveway. "Pistol" Pete Maravich was a legend to me - he was the And1 Mix tape before the And1 Mix tape(s) even existed. I however, knew there was a future for me in football - so I played for awhile in college.

When I landed in college I was 6'2" , and 185 sopping wet. I knew if I wanted to play at the next level I would have to devout myself to the weight room and packing on pounds. So after my freshman year - I went from 185 to 225, (not all great weight). I fell in love with the weight room and watching my body develop - the size and mass along with the explosiveness came fast because I was focused on a very traditional style strength program - Push, Pull and Squat heavy AF. Tie that in with shoving just about whatever I could find in my mouth and the weight came quick. It wasn't traditional bodybuilding -
I was working for performance not ascetics. Power and Speed was the name of the game." 

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
"Working lol - no, I love moving - "a body in motion, stays in motion" - being active and applying my fitness. Challenging my body with extreme workouts and mental tests. I also love movies and reading - I value my time alone as well."