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  • RECIPE: Combat Cookie Dough Balls

    May 23, 2017


    Almond Meal – 1 cup
    Almond Butter – ½ cup
    Maple Syrup – ¼ cup
    Mini Chocolate Chips – ¼ cup
    Combat Protein Powder Cookies 'N' Cream – 2 scoops

    1. Start by combining the Combat Protein Powder and the Almond Meal in a bowl and mixing.
    2. After the protein and almond meal are mixed, then add in the almond butter and syrup until the mixture thickens and resembles cookie dough.
    3. Once you have the cookie dough mixture, just add in your chocolate chips and use a tablespoon to scoop out the dough into your hands and roll into balls.

    Macros per ball (18 total):
    Calories – 98
    Fat – 6.38g
    Carbs – 7.31g
    Protein – 4.5g