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Davey Fisher - 12 Week Getting Cut Program

Davey Fisher - 12 Week Getting Cut Program

Davey Fisher’s 12-week Cut training program is for anyone looking to gain more muscle definition for an overall more chiseled physique. Through Davey’s approach you will work from low reps high weight exercise to low weight high reps exercises, allowing your body to build lean muscle earlier on in the program, before cutting unwanted fat towards the end of the program.


During the BUILD phase (weeks 1-4) of this program you will work out five days a week and focus on building strength through the use of low reps, high weight and longer rest periods. Rest periods during this part of the program will range from 90 seconds to 2 minutes providing ample time for the muscles to recover between sets. In phase 1 you will put an extreme metabolic demand on your body so be sure to elevate your caloric intake, while keeping your macros balanced. Meaning roughly 40% of your daily calories should come from carbs (1g carbs = 4 calories), 30% from protein (1g protein = 4 calories and 30% from fat (1g fat = 9 calories). Make sure that during this first month that you don’t let yourself become hungry or workout on an empty stomach. Eat every few hours to ensure proper protein synthesis throughout the day in order to properly aid in muscle recovery and growth. Also, make sure you have a meal focused on an adequate amount of proteins and carbs with minimal fat within an hour of your workouts.

Chest / Triceps

DB Bench Press 5 x 5 Heavy, 2 minutes rest between sets
Barbell Decline Bench Press 4 x 8 90 seconds rest
Bar Dips 3 x 10 Slow: use assistance if necessary
Cable Chest Fly 2 x failure 10-15 reps, less than 90 sec rest
Banded Push-ups
1 x failure Band optional


The second phase (weeks 5-8) focuses on total body activation with many of the movements being compound exercises. These compound exercises are designed to help you develop overall mass while still ensuring growth of individual body parts. Unlike the first phase of this program, you will be working out 6 days a week with the addition of full body conditioning on day six. Use heavy enough weights to exhaust the muscles, but not too heavy as to not be able to complete the prescribed reps with the 60 -90 second rest periods between sets. Caloric intake should be high, but not quite as high as the building phase of the program (weeks 1-4). A reduction of 10-15% of both carbs and fats can be achieved by eating “clean”, more nutrient dense foods and less processed foods (such as unhealthy, trans fats and simple carbs specifically).

Back / Biceps

Pull-ups 4 x failure 2 minutes rest between sets
Barbell Rack Pulls 3 x 10 "Shrug" at the top of every rep, heavy, 90 sec rest
Chin Ups 3 x failure 90 seconds rest between sets
DB Bent Over Row 2 x 15 90 seconds rest
Lat Pulldowns 2 x 15 60 seconds rest
Body Row 1 x failure



The “Cut”. The final 4 weeks of this program is designed to cut away fat through the use of high reps, low weight exercises designed to keep you working at a steady pace throughout your workout. Our heaviest work load of all three phases, you will be working out 6 days a week, with rest periods greatly reduced (60 seconds between sets). During these workouts you will be working multiple muscle groups per session, which allow one muscle group to rest while working the other. When preforming super-sets and tri-sets scale the intensity by letting the reps dictate the weight you are using. If you are often missing reps in your sets decrease the weight. Being that we are in the cutting phase of this program you will want to reduce your caloric intake to a caloric deficit, specifically through the reduction of fats and carbs. Use these last 4 weeks to help you come up with your long-term diet plan. It doesn’t have to be as strict and shouldn’t feel like you have too much to miss out on.


Sumo Deadlift 3 x 10 Superset 1, at least 90 seconds rest
Barbell Front Squat 3 x 10
Superset 1, at least 90 seconds rest
Trap Bar Deadlift 2 x 12
Superset 2, at least 90 seconds rest
Smith Machine Eccentric Back Squat 2 x 12
Superset 2, at least 90 seconds rest
Leg Curl Machine
2 x 15
Superset 3, at least 60 seconds rest
Leg Extension Machine 2 x 15
Superset 3, at least 60 seconds rest
Stationary Spin Bike

1 x 5 min
max distance